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lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator 6.3 Released!


Since a few minutes ago the new version 6.3 of the DotNetNuke deployment wizard for Windows Azure PaaS -Cloud Services- is available on CodePlex. In this new version there are a number of very interesting new features as well as the correction of certain issues that have arisen since the last packaging.

One of the most interesting new features from the administrative point of view is the new WebDeploy support on our websites deployed on Azure PaaS. I recommend you take a look at this post for more information (use the translate controls in the right panel).

Of course, if you are one of the lucky ones going to the DNN World Conference 2012 in Orlando, you can not miss the chance to see these and other features in the sessions dedicated to the deployment of DotNetNuke on Windows Azure from the hands of Joe Brinkman and Aaron Hayon.

Download DNN Azure Accelerator 6.3

New Features

  • Added SMTP support: added a new startup task to setup and configure the localhost SMTP server on the webroles. Now you can use LOCALHOST as SMTP server without the need of using a 3rd party SMTP server
  • Added "post-install" addons feature: if an url pointing to a .zip file is specified in the service configuration file, after the successful start of the SMB server the .zip file will be downloaded and decompressed into the DotNetNuke folder maintaining the same files and folder architecture and overwriting contents. This is an useful feature to add in an automated way 3rd party files, dependencies, etc. to a DotNetNuke clean install. Use it as you wish.
  • Added SSL binding support: the Accelerator wizard does not include a step to setup this yet, but the work is done in the package. To manually setup SSL on your service configuration file, please read this thread
  • Added Web Platform Installer support: a new startup task has been added to enable WebPI products installations and dependencies, like MVC3, WebDeploy, etc.
  • Added WebDeploy support: a new checkbox has been added in the Remote Desktop setup step, in order to enable WebDeploy. Using the new Web Plaform Installer feature, with Web Deploy enabled (note that enabling this feature takes about 10 more minutes for the VM deployment), you can access to your site using tools like WebMatrix or other command line tools like WebDeploy's command line utility, in order to copy or modify files or create your own backups.


  • Changed the way to import the publish settings file: discontinued the automatic download while refreshing the subscription data, you have to manually download and import the file in the wizard.
  • The packages are using the latest Azure SDK 1.7 (June 2012)
  • Fixed the packageUrl on the SMB package
  • Fixed references to use latest versions
  • Fixed an issue causing the "fileshare" user's password being expired after a month
  • Fixed an issue on the wizard's verification step while deploying ("No deployments were found")


Un saludo and Happy Coding!

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